Break This Chair was an evolving social art installation that began April 6th 2019. The reception consisted of attendees breaking the 40 chairs Joe and I had built. Throughout the night, the chairs were broken down into smaller and smaller pieces of wood. They ended up in a large pile in the middle of the floor, where they rested until the following weekend.
Eight days later we asked anyone and everyone back to the same gallery to rebuild their own “chair” sculptures from the pile of wreckage.
And finally all of their sculptures were assembled into one large behemoth. A seven-foot-tall aggregation of material with a history of unique acts upon it. The final sculpture is a collage of the work by all who came in contact with it.
Many thanks to all the attendees!! This was about allowing the opportunity to act, the work was a result of YOUR action and it is much appreciated!
-anti-permanence gang
(last pic by Lauren Paige Harper)